High Altitude Affiliation Media was created in a wood-fired bathtub 1800 meters above sea level. The three of us had a joint dream we wanted to follow, but we lacked a crispy company name.  We wanted the name to match our background, goals and the result of our products.

Let me explain with a simile.

A workout at high altitude

I bet you have heard how top-athletes prepare for big championships with high altitude training. The concept is well proven and once the sportsman is back at a normal level the extra red blood cells created gives an extra push for the tournament.

The concept of increased levels of stamina and extra blood cells is something which inspires us at HAAM/we strive for at HAAM. Providing traffic and data in some of the most competitive industries online requires a lot of stamina if you want to stay on the top.

Staying on the top is not only making new records month on month but also making sure you’re having fun and feeling good while doing it. Building top of the line products requires innovation and very seldom you’ll find innovation in a cubicle.

Just ask Steve Jobs.

Our role models are not people who answer emails off work hours or sets unobtainable deadlines and later brags about it. Tim Ferris who have written “4 Hour Work Week” explains it in a good way:

“The fact of the matter is this: if you’re driven, an entrepreneur, a type-A personality, or a hundred other things, mood swings are part of your genetic hardwiring. It’s a blessing and a curse.”

Therefore we travel, extensively, to smooth out the gaps.

Meeting new people, putting yourself in new situations and changing your office depending on sun hours is something we believe creates innovation. When did you have your biggest breakthrough? Was that while sitting in your office chair or somewhere you could use the full potential of your mind?

This is our unified belief of how to run a company, most of the other stuff comes along.  But if you want to know us on an individual level, keep scrolling.

Christopher Baude – Director of Search

Fredrik Brannlund – Director of Growth

Martin Larsson – Director of Tech